nine inch nails live recording (work in progress) resource guide

part 1: information by tour

2009 NIN | JA Tour

2009 Australia and New Zealand

Lights in the Sky Tour 2008

2008 Lights in the Sky Over North America, Leg 2

2008 Lights in the Sky Over South America

2008 Lights in the Sky Over North America, Leg 1

Performance 2007

2007 European Summer Festivals, Asia, Pacific

2007 Australia, Japan

2007 European Spring Arena Tour

With Teeth Tour 2005-2006

2006-2005 Special Performances (Radio Shows, Benefit Shows)

2006 With Teeth Summer Amphitheater Tour

2006 With Teeth Winter Arena Tour

2005 With Teeth Fall Arena Tour

2005 With Teeth Club and International Tour

Fragility Tour 1999-2000

2000 Fragility v2.0 European Summer Festival Tour

2000 Fragility v2.0 North American Tour

1999-2000 Fragility v1.0 Europe Japan Australia

Self Destruct / Downward Spiral era Tours 1994-1996

1996 Nights of Nothing

1995 Fall Club Tour

1995 Outside Tour with David Bowie

1994-1995 Further Down the Spiral Tour

1994 Self Destruct Tour

Pretty Hate Machine era Tours 1988-1991

1991 Now I'm Nothing (Lollapalooza 1991)

Hate 90 Tour / Sin 91 Tour

1990 Support Tours



part 2: information by topic

All Songs Played

Intro Songs

Samples Used During Concerts

Commonly Mislabeled Recordings

Official Live Recordings (Closure, And All That Could Have Been, Beside You In Time)

Notable Fan Created Bootlegs (A Mix of all That Was, Live Essentials 1-3)

Radio / TV Specials / Webcasts / Soundboard Recordings

Performing with other artists (Saul Williams, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Peter Murphy)

Trent with other bands (Option 30, Revolting Cocks, Pigface, Mercer High School Marching Band)


WANTED Recordings

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gladcarrotbootlist (shows gladcarrot taped)

my non-nin list (shows gladcarrot collected)

KMFDM recording page

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