The Outside Tour Soundboard Recording

The complete unedited soundboard recording has finally surfaced!!!

Find it HERE on Dimeadozen

Prior to the release of the complete recording (see above), I had re-assembled the show from the three different cuts of the show from various silver pressed bootlegs.   This page essentially explains the history of this recording.  All previous versions of this recording are obsolete and should be removed from collections and trading lists.  

This is the most mislabeled NIN bootleg out there.  The following info is from a torrent I uploaded to Dimeadozen where I attempted to reassemble this recording from 3 different bootlegs.

A soundboard recording of this show made it’s way onto several different European released bootleg CDs in the late 1990s. There are three different “cuts” of this show, released on 9 different bootlegs, with 6 different dates. None of these contain the entire show. There has been debate in the forums as to the correct date of this show and the "general consensus" is Oct. 11, 1995, although it is also frequently cited as Oct 7, 1995 in Raleigh.  I have re-assembled the entire show for the first time I am aware of and explain why I am certain these shows are the same. [I have since come across another attempt at this by Mandrill, probably better than mine.]

The following 6 bootlegs include only the portion of the show with NIN, end after Hurt, and are missing Subterraneans and Halo Spaceboy.

“Scary Monsters” mislabeled as Sept. 20, 1995, Toronto Skydome (real Toronto bootleg is on "Blue Lies")

“Feel the Pain” mislabeled as Sept. 22, 1995, Camden Entertainment, Philadelphia

“Lost Action Heroes” mislabeled as Sept. 22, 1995, Camden Entertainment, Philadelphia

                         "Nailing it Down" mislabeled as Sept. 27, 1995, Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ

“Children of the Night” mislabeled as Oct. 7, 1995, Raleigh, NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheater

“Filthy Fucking Pigs” mislabeled as Oct. 7, 1995, Raleigh, NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheater


The following 2 bootlegs contain only the portion of the show with Bowie and begin at Subterraneans.

“Stage 1. Hurling Disdain” mislabeled as Sept 22, 1995, Camden Entertainment Center, Philadelphia

“Live Inside” Oct. 11, 1995, Riverport Amphitheatre, St Louis

The only show with both sets is “Live Hate”, however it is missing the last song, Teenage Wildlife.

“Live Hate” Oct. 11, 1995, Riverport Amphitheatre, St Louis

The very beginning of the concert was missed because NIN came on stage without warning. Most Outside Tour bootlegs suffer from this problem. The recording missed the first couple of lines of Terrible Lie and begins with “…what I’m supposed to be. Why am I seething with this animosity?” The makers of the “Scary Monsters” cut, took some crowd noise and a sample from later in the song and placed them before the actual recording started to make it sound like nothing was missed and to give the bootleg a smoother start. “Live Hate” begins abruptly.

Similarities between “Scary Monsters” and “Live Hate”
Between Terrible Lie and MOTP, Trent says “ me, pigs!”
Between MOTP and The Becoming, Trent says “you fucking!”
Trent says “Thank you” at the beginning of Sanctified and Gave Up. etc...

Differences between “Scary Monsters” and “Live Hate”
“Scary Monsters” is missing Trent yell “Burn!” before that song and the beginning of Eraser.
“Live Hate” is missing the end of Closer

Similarities between “Live Hate” and “Hurling Disdain”
Between Look Back in Anger and I’m Deranged, Bowie says “Good evening. How ya’ll doing? I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. Just feel a little bit..a little know...deranged...” etc...

Differences between “Live Hate” and “Hurling Disdain”
The following things are missing from “Live Hate”; the beginning of Reptile and Hurt, Bowie talking before A Small Plot of Land, most of Bowie’s introduction of the band after A Small Plot of Land, and Teenage Wildlife.  After the concert, Bowie says “Thank you. On behalf of Trent Reznor and the Nails, myself and my band, God bless, thank you very much, I hope you had a good evening.” On “Live Hate”, this is tacked on to the end of Under Pressure, making it seem like the last song.

“Hurling Disdain” is the best sounding of the three. The others have a very slight hiss by comparison.

In order to assemble the entire show to the best of my ability, I am including...
1. For the NIN portion of the show, “Scary Monsters” with the exception of Burn from “Live Hate.”
2. Eraser, Subterraneans, Scary Monsters are taken from “Live Hate” (because Eraser is missing from “Hurling Disdain” and these tracks flow into each other).
3. The remainder of the show is from “Hurling Disdain.”