Samples used during Hate 90 and Sin 91 Tours (Help me figure these out!)                         back to main page

Sample used at start of Terrible Lie   (also used during Self Destruct Tour and other tours? after Terrible Lie)                           

"Who do you think you're for?" (repeated)

-source unknown


Sample used during Intro                                

"Kill or be killed."  "Hang around, I'll make a cocksucker out of you."

-"Hang around...." from Tough Guys Don't Dance: (Norman Mailer, 1987) Ryan O'Neil (as Tim Madden)
{Thanks TheBang!}


Sample used during Intro                               

 "I told you to stay out of this . .  Give me the gun . . . Don't make me do this . .  Give me the gun"   "get paid to die"

-source unknown


Sample used during Intro                               

"I could fuck you up right in front of ???."

-source unknown


Sample used before Suck                                 

"I must stress the importance of total, I repeat total sexual abstinence."

-source unknown


Sample used during Suck                                 

"Could I still excite you?"

-source unknown


Sample used after Suck                                 

"I've got the sun in my hands man, oh it gives off an orange cloud of light that just flows right out over the sea, wow"

-The Trip: (Roger Corman, 1967) Peter Fonda (as Paul Groves)
{Skinny Puppy also uses this sample in "Shore Lined Poison" from Too Dark Park (1990) which is probably just a total coincidence.}


Sample used before Get Down Make Love  

"How old were you when you first let a man make love to you? Next, who was he? Next, how did you feel at the time? Next, how did you feel afterwards? What did  you feel? What did you think? Were you pleased? Frightened? Ecstatic? Disgusted? What did he say? What words did you speak? That's what I want to know. Now, tell me now, now holler, now, tell me, yes!" 

-Japanese pornographic film


Sample used before Ringfinger                                 

 "I wanna hear you scream."

-source unknown 


Sample used between Get Down Make Love and Down In It at Dallas 6/26/90, there are a series of samples played in a row, a mishap?, two of which are not on any other recordings that I have gone through so far.

"I must stress the importance of total, I repeat total sexual abstinence." "Well let me tell you something, me for one ain't gonna give up a little ?? like it ??" (unique sample)        

"Negative powers" (unique sample) "I want to hear you scream" "Kill or be killed" "Hang around, I'll make a cocksucker out of you"