There have been several attempts over the years at providing concert, setlist, and live recording info for the NIN taping, trading, and collecting community.  Some of the better ones were NIN Historian and The Art of Self Destruction (RIP). Trading sites like db.etree provide good recording info as well.  The biggest problem is that none of them have been comprehensive or regularly updated or always accurate. 
I got into trading game a little late (2005) but since then have tracked down a vast majority of circulating live recordings and have compiled a ton of information spread out over dozens of text files and Excel spreadsheets.  Rather than let it sit on my computer, I thought I'd share it with the rest of the NIN trading community.
This site is not meant to be fancy.  No doubt, you will notice my rudimentary web designing skills.  This site is primarily my attempt at keeping as comprehensive and accurate of an informational website as possible.  Secondly, I am using this site to try and acquire as many live recordings as I can (to eventually share of course).  See wanted recordings
I wanted to have this page finished by my self imposed deadline 10/21/88; the 20th anniversary of the first Nine Inch Nails concert, but I've had a ton of previous commitments volunteering for candidates here in Michigan for the upcoming US elections which have eaten up most of my free time.  I should have this site completed by year's end, probably earlier.  Who thought going through every live recording of a Nine Inch Nails concert would take so long?  There are only about 400!
There are certainly mistakes on this page, both in terms of content and layout.  Please let me know what I did wrong.  If you have additional content you think should be added please let me know.  I'd really like input from other tapers and traders. 

The site has two main ways of organizing recordings and concert info, by Tour and by Topic.
PART 1 by Tour, each page is divided into three parts. 
1. A list of all concerts during that tour and whether or not a recording of that show is in circulation.  If there is nothing written next to the show, that means I am unaware of a recording so please don't ask.  If you know for sure that I am missing any recordings please let me know.  This section also lists band members and other info about the tour.
2. A spreadsheet with all setlists for that tour.  I tried to align all of the shows like a DNA or protein sequence alignment so that with a quick glance you can see setlist variations.  This only works with tours where the setlist is similar throughout.  The first leg of With Teeth 2005 and Performance 2007 have highly variable setlists which makes an alignment impractical.     
3. A detailed look at each recording, including quality, duration, and any silver pressed bootlegs.  For shows with video footsage, I am including screen shots.  I try to include distinguishing features of each show so that shows with identical setlists can be identified.  This is usually something Trent says to the audience or some sort of mishap, like fireworks or equipment breaking.  Obviously, this section will take the longest and is not complete for some of the tours.
I have made significant headway with tours from 1988-1996 as well as the current Lights in the Sky Tour.  Fragility, With Teeth, and Performance 2007 will take the longest to do and will be finished last.

Part 2 by topic, I have pages specifically devoted to things like, songs played, soundboard recordings, samples used during shows, number of shows by country and other fun facts.




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