There are several commonly mislabeled shows floating around.  Here are some I have identified.

1990-02-03 Phoenix

"Industrial Iguanas" is mislabeled as this date.  The correct date is 1991-02-02 Tijuana, Mexico, Iguanas Club

1990-07-28  Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall 

This recording is actually Dallas 6/26/90, "Hammer Hard"  There is video of this show.  I live near Detroit and have been to St. Andrew's Hall dozens of times and this video was not shot at St. Andrew's Hall.  Here, I have seen Ministry, Garbage, Filter, She Wants Revenge, Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills, Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Luscious Jackson, VNV Nation, Marilyn Manson, Sister Machine Gun, Die Warszau, Aphex Twin, Sneaker Pimps, Liz Phair, Trickey, Die Krupps, Chemlab, Moby.....

1991-07-03 Chicago

This is a second source of the 8/3/91 show.  NIN did not play on 7/3/91. 

1994-04-29 San Diego State University

This is the same recording as the 4/30 show, but not as clean of a conversion.  NIN did not play on 4/29. 

1994-05-25 London, The Forum

There are a few bootlegs claiming to be this show, "Hammering It Home", "Shallow Grave", and "Pure as Fuck" but they are the same show as the video which has a date of 1994-05-26.

1994-11-04 The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan

"Nails is My Head" is mislabeled.  The correct date for this show is unknown.  NIN did play the Palace on 1994-12-31, but this recording is not that show.  NIN did not play on 1994-11-04.

Mislabeled Outside Tour Soundboard Show

    1995-09-22 Philadelphia, Camden Entertainment

      There are three silver pressed bootlegs claiming to be this date “Feel the Pain”, “Lost Action Heroes”, and “Stage 1. Hurling Disdain”

    1995-10-07 Raleigh, Walnut Creek Amphitheater

      There are two silver pressed bootlegs claiming to be this date ““Children of the Night” and “Filthy Fucking Pigs”

      Additionally, “Scary Monsters” mislabeled as Sept. 20, 1995, Toronto Skydome and "Nailing it Down" mislabeled as Sept. 27, 1995, Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ

      All of these shows are probably 1995-10-11     

2000-06-23 Somerset, England, Glastonbury Festival

This notorious recording is mostly Sydney 2000-01-26 Big Day Out Festival.  Trent even says "Big day out, big day out fucking pigs!"  Only three songs from this are actually from Glastonbury (Head Like a Hole, Starfuckers, and Hurt) which are soundboard quality from a radio broadcast.  There is an actually audience recording from this show, but it is bad quality and the radio broadcast songs are inserted in place where appropriate, 

2000-07-04 Kristansand, Norway, Quart Festival

These recordings all turn out to be 2000-06-24 Scheesel, Germany, Hurricane Festival.  There is supposedly a 10 minute video shot of this show.