Soundboard Recordings (unofficial, nonhalo)

This page lists all known Nine Inch Nails live recording that are soundboard quality.  This includes all radio and  television broadcasts as well as proshot webcasts.  This page does not list the soundboard recordings found on halos (Closure, AATCHB, BYIT), but does include official videos released on  This page does not YET include footage from a pair of MTV2 specials which aired back 2000 or 2002, but it will soon.  Screen caps of video sources will be uploaded sometime.

June 26, 1990 Dallas, Texas, The Video Bar

Intro; Terrible Lie; Sin; Something I Can Never Have; Sanctified; That's What I Get; Suck; The Only Time; Get Down Make Love; Down In It; Head Like A Hole

Unfortunately, this recording has a slight hiss in it.  This soundboard was used for the audience video recording and is on the silver boot "Hammer Hard".  Ringfinger was not played at this show. The best recording from the Hate 90 Tour is actually the silver boot "Missletwister" (July 1, 1990 Melbourne, Florida). It's an excellent audience recording and they play Ringfinger.

1991, Unknown Lollapalooza Date (from the silver boot "Demos and Remixes")


September 1, 1991 Rotterdam, Holland, Radio show

Sin; Get Down, Make Love; Down In It; Head Like a Hole

Possibly (but not certainly) an in studio radio show by Nine Inch Nails.  The show has some crowd noise after Head Like a Hole, but at other points in the show with pauses, there are only a few people heard, even a camera taking a snapshot can be heard.   There is also a rare interview with the band which I am expecting in a trade soon. Hopefully that will shed some light on the matter.  There are three silver pressed bootlegs and one vinyl bootleg with this show.  "Solid Gold Hell"  "A Demon Possessed"  "Sa La Mour"   "Lee Pull off Nails" (vinyl)

May 26, 1994 London, England, The Forum

Pinion; Terrible Lie; Sin; March of the Pigs; Something I Can Never Have; Closer; Reptile; Wish; Suck; The Only Time; Get Down Make Love; Down In It;  Big Man With A Gun; Head Like A Hole; Dead Souls; Help Me I Am In Hell; Happiness in Slavery

This soundboard was used with for the audience video recording and is on three silver boots "Hammering it Home" "Shallow Grave" "Pure as Fuck"


August 13, 1994  Saugerties, New York, Woodstock 94

Pinion, Terrible Lie, Sin, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, Closer, Reptile, Wish, Suck, Burn, The Only Time, Down In It, Dead Souls, Help Me I Am In Hell, Happiness in Slavery, Head Like A Hole

Proshot, Pay Per View television coverage is widely available.  There are at least 10 silver pressed bootlegs of this show.  "When The Whip Comes Down" is the most common. 


February 13, 1995 Omaha, Nebraska, Omaha Civic Center

Gave Up is used for the AP Industrial Strength compilation CD.


October 11, 1995 Maryland Heights (St. Louis), Missouri, Riverport Amphitheater

Terrible Lie, March Of The Pigs, The Becoming, Sanctified, Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now), Burn, Closer, Wish, Gave Up, Down In It, Eraser (instrumental), Subterraneans, Scary Monsters, Reptile, Hallo Spaceboy, Hurt, Look Back In Anger, I'm Deranged, Hearts Filthy Lessons, The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction, I Have Not Been To Oxford Town, Outside
Andy Warhol, Breaking Glass, The Man Who Sold The World, We Prick You, Joe The Lion, Small Plot Of Land, Nite Flights, Under Pressure, Teenage Wildlife

Finally!!!!  The master DAT of this show just surfaced on Dime. 

There were at least nine silver boots of this show and none of them were complete.  This new master recording confirms that 10/11/95 is the correct date.


September 5, 1996  New York, New York, Irving Plaza

Terrible Lie, March Of The Pigs, Sanctified, Suck, Wish, Down In It, Animal, Tough, R.S.V.P., Wise Up, Sucker, Head Like A Hole, Something I Can Never Have

Proshot MTV footage from the Nights of Nothing showcase with special guests, Kevin McMahon of Prick, Clint Mansell from Pop Will Eat Itself, and Richard Partick of Filter and former NIN guitarist.    The Meat Beat Manifesto and Marilyn Manson opening sets were also recorded.


November 9, 1999 New York, New York Metro Opera House, MTV Music Video Awards

The Fragile

Proshot television appearance.


December 1, 1999  London, England, Brixton Academy

FM broadcast; The New Flesh/Pinion, Somewhat Damaged, The Great Below, The Way Out is Through, Head Like a Hole, The Day The World Went Away

MTV proshot broadcast; The Way Out Is Through, Head Like a Hole, Piggy, The Frail, The Wretched, The Great Below, Starfuckers, Inc., The Day The World Went Away

Between these two broadcasts ten of the twenty two songs this show have soundboard recordings. 


January 26, 2000  Sydney, New South Wales, RAS Showgrounds

Terrible Lie; March of the Pigs; No, You Don't; Even Deeper; Get Down Make Love; Starfuckers, Inc; Hurt

Proshot Channel V broadcast of seven songs.  The audio rip of show has been widely circulated as Auckland, Gold Coast, and Glastonbury.   Trent hands off the mic to audience members during the end of March of the Pigs!


April 27, 2000  Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Recording Company (CRC Sessions), Q101 acoustic show

Something I Can Never Have; The Day the World Went Away; Hurt; Even Deeper; The Big Come Down; The Fragile

In studio live performance, lossless source available.


June 23, 2000  Somerset, England, Glastonbury Festival

BBC proshot broadcast - The Wretched, Gave Up, Reptile

FM broadcast - Head Like a Hole, Starfuckers, Inc., Hurt

There is a widely circulated mislabeled version of this show which contains the FM broadcast combined with the 1/26/00 Sydney broadcast. 


Live Essentials 1

This compilation includes proshot video from 4 shows on this leg.

June 25, 2000  Tuttingen, Germany, Southside Festival   5 songs - Terrible Lie; Sin; March of the Pigs; The Frail; The Wretched

June 29, 2000  Roskilde, Denmark, Roskilde Festival   2 songs - Sin; March of the Pigs;

July 7, 2000  Belfort, France, Eurokennes Festival   2 songs -  Head Like a Hole; Terrible Lie

July 9, 2000  Monza Italy, Monza Festival   5 songs - March of the Pigs; Head Like a Hole; Terrible Lie; The Wretched; Gave Up


July 4, 2000  Kristiansand, Norway, Quart Festival

partial proshot video, I don't have this yet and don't know which songs it has


July 8, 2000  Wiesen, Austria, Forestglade Festival

Head Like A Hole; Terrible Lie; March of the Pigs; The Frail; The Wretched; Gave Up; Reptile; No, You Donít; Even Deeper; Wish; Suck; Get Down Make Love; Down In It; Closer; Starfuckers, Inc.; Hurt

FM broadcast, master DAT also available


April 9, 2005 London, England, CD:UK, in studio television broadcast

The Hand That Feeds   


April 20, 2005  BBC Maida Vale Session in studio radio broadcast

The Hand That Feeds, Hurt, With Teeth, interview 


July 2, 2005 Werchter, Belgium, Rockwerchter 

March of the Pigs, The Frail, The Wretched, Wish

LaDeux proshot television broadcast, partial clips  


August 13, 2005  Tokyo, Japan, Chiba Marine Stadium, Summersonic Festival  3 songs - Pinion, Wish, Hurt

August 14, 2005  Osaka, Japan, WTC Open Air Stadium, Summersonic Festival  1 song - Head Like a Hole

MTV proshot television broadcast, also includes footage of Slipknot


September 10, 2005 Los Angeles, ReAct Now Hurricane Katrina Relief, Trent Reznor solo performance

Hurt, Non Entity

proshot video of Hurt was broadcast on MTV, VH1, and CMT.  Both videos were available online afterwards.


October 29, 2005  New Orleans, Louisiana, Voodoo Festival

Head Like A Hole ; Terrible Lie; March of the Pigs; Something I Can Never Have; The Frail; The Wretched; Closer; Burn; Gave Up; Right Where It Belongs; African Student Movement; List of Demands; Wish; Only; Suck; The Hand That Feeds; Hurt proshot webcast, clean vocals


December 10, 2005  Los Angeles, California, Gibbs Amphitheater, KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Pinion; Wish; Terrible Lie; Sin; March of the Pigs; Something I Can Never Have; Closer; You Know What You Are?; Burn; Only; Gave Up; Hurt; The Hand That Feeds; Starfuckers, Inc.; Head Like a Hole

proshot webcast, clean vocals


May 22, 2006  Los Angeles, CA KROQ Breakfast with Nine Inch Nails [Broadcast 5/26/06]

Only, Right Where It Belongs, Non Entity, Not So Pretty Now, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds, interview                                

webcast, clean vocals (did any portion of this show get an FM broadcast?)


Radio Shows with Peter Murphy

June 7, 2006  Atlanta, GA 99x  - Head Like a Hole, Sanity Assassin, Hurt                              
June 13, 2006  Washington, DC DC101 (with TV on the Radio) -  Dreams, Final Solution, Bela Lugosi's Dead                  
June 23, 2006  Boston, MA WAAF - Reptile (Haunted When the Minutes Drag), Warm Leatherette, A Strange Kind of Love, Nightclubbing                
July 1, 2006  Chicago, IL Q101 - Dead Souls, Twenty-Four Hours, Warsaw, Atmosphere

FM and web broadcasts, lossless available for Chicago, video available for Washington and Boston


April 18, 2007, Los Angeles, California, abandoned warehouse, "Open Source Resistance" Meeting (possibly soundboard)

The Beginning of the End, Survivalism, Last, March of the Pigs, We're in This Together, The Frail

Video of this show was shot with a handheld camera and almost certainly not the audio source.  Audio is very good, but badly compressed.  It's hard to tell if it's soundboard.  You can hear individual cheers well, but there were not a lot of people there to make large crowd noises. 


August 7, 2007  Stockholm, Sweeden, Hovet

Me, I'm Not; The Great Destroyer

video available at


August 26, 2007  Reading, England, Reading Festival

Only, Wish, Dead Souls, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole, Hurt

partial proshot BBC broadcast, includes partial Smashing Pumpkins set


August 10, 2008  Baltimore, Maryland, Pimlico Race Course, Virgin Festival

Vessel, March of the Pigs, Echoplex

video available at


September 2, 2008  Morrison, Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheater


video available at if you fill out a questionaire


October  2, 2008  Buenos Aries, Argentina, Club Cuidad

999,999; 1,000,000; Letting You, March of the Pigs, Reptile, Piggy

Pro shot videos online,

The entire show was webcast but is so highly compressed as to make it unlistenable.


December 5, 2008  Victoria, British Columbia, Save On Foods Memorial Centre
December 7, 2008  Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden Arena
December 12, 2008  Sacramento, California, Arco Arena

999,999; 1,000,000; Letting You; Discipline; March of the Pigs; Head Down; The Frail; The Wretched; Closer; Gave Up; The Warning; Vessel; 21 Ghosts; 28 Ghosts; 19 Ghosts; Ghosts Piggy; The Greater Good; Pinion; Wish; Terrible Lie; Survivalism; The Big Come Down; 31 Ghosts; Only; The Hand That Feeds; Head Like a Hole; Echoplex; The Good Soldier; God Given; Hurt; In This Twilight

Same setlist all three nights. 

These 3 shows were shot with multiple angles with HD video cameras and are available as 405 GB pony.